Kevin Hsu, Assistant Director of Centre for Liveable Cities, The US

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Specializing in cities, infrastructure, energy and sustainable development. Industry experience with design & operations, energy and climate planning and analysis, districtscale energy and transportation systems, and design thinking. Connecting environmental, social, economic, and cultural imperatives for institutions across the US and Asia-Pacific.


Graduate & Undergraduate Study

  • Stanford University
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering M.S. 2011 (Atmosphere/Energy Specialization) 
  • International Relations B.A. 2009
  • Earth Systems (Science & Policy) B.S. 2009

Other Study

  • Peking University 2007
  • Princeton-in-Beijing 2009
  • Johns Hopkins University 2018 (Cultural Heritage Management)


Work and Research

  • Centre for Liveable Cities & URA Digital Planning Lab (Singapore)(present)
  • Develop sustainability indicators for physical planning group to assess urban regeneration and new development
  • Sustainable Integrated Districts multi-disciplinary project to coordinate across agencies and private sector to set ambitious sustainability goals and develop framework to deploy demonstration-scale urban solutions
  • Collaborate with Urban Land Institute to provide “UrbanPlan” real estate development training to public sector officials
  • Work with Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) collaborators to study international examples of heritage conservation and re-imagination
  • Urban Governance, Land Economy and Finance research projects on mixed-use development
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