Keren Priyadarshini, Digital Transformation Lead, Healthcare

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Keren Priyadarshini is the Digital Transformation Lead and has specialties in Business Development, Setting up and establishing new businesses in the Asia region, Digital Transformation, Cloud Computing.


Her role has been primarily to start business in Asia from ground zero and grow them to scalable heights with a very profitable pipeline and loyal clientele.


The role has been pretty much cradle to grave; right from knocking client doors, building relationships with clients, to secure repeat business. So far have always exceeded sales targets year on year when in a sales role.


Keren is passionate about meeting people and convincing them about the merits being on "Cloud"; breaking down their inhibitions and finally winning their loyalty for life. The tougher the challenge the better and sweeter is victory.


She also have remarkable past experiences such as building the Healthcare practice in APAC & manage a series of research projects which included designing, proposing, pricing, managing and analyzing quantitative and qualitative surveys. Keren was also part of the world leaders and have significant experience in uncovering critical government and regional market access stakeholders as well as KOLs, and mapping their influence levels and interdependencies for companies.

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