Taiwan Devoted to Developing Smart Healthcare Applications

National Chiao-Tung University (NCTU) announced on September 24 that it will collaborate with National Yang-Ming University (NYMU) and Veterans General Hospital on building a "smart hospital" on NCTU’s Hsinchu Bo'ai Campus. Five billion TWD will be invested in the next five years to establish a large intelligent and R&D-oriented hospital with 500 beds. Its vision is to evolve into a large-scale biomedical research center.

It is said that the construction funds for the smart hospital all come from voluntary donations of the alumni of NCTU. The major founders of Quanta, Advantech and Acer are all on the list of sponsors.

NCTU president Frank Chang stated that NYMU and NCTU have had extensive and profound foundations of teaching and research cooperation for many years. In addition, NCTU has already established the Smart Healthcare Promotion Office to jointly invest in the research and development of AI Smart Medical and Health Care Information System with NYMU, and promote Taiwan’s leading status of advanced medical care internationally. It fully reflects the excellent complementarity between the two universities in the innovation of biomedical and information and communication technology (BioICT).

NCTU said that NYMU, Veterans General Hospital and NCTU have signed a tripartite agreement recently. It is expected that through the donations from the alumni of the two universities, they will raise 5 billion TWD to build a BioICT smart hospital and interdisciplinary research parks. After the merger, teachers and student can integrate branches of knowledge such as medicine, dentistry, nursing, medical laboratory, physical therapy, biomedical engineering, radiology, pharmacy, humanity and social studies, art, management, law, basic science, engineering, information, electronics and etc. in this field for interdisciplinary internship and education research.

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