Wuhan Will Build 100 IoT Fostered “Safe and Smart Community” within This Year

Xinhua News Agency in Wuhan reported on 4th of September that Wuhan is accelerating the trial projects of IoT fostered “Safe and Smart Community.” 100 districts are expected to be transformed by the end of the year. According to the project, the access control system in those districts will be capable of face recognition, reporting to police in case of burglary, and activating alert when electricity consumption goes abnormal.

The Optics Valley Ideal City Community in the south of Wuhan is a demolition and redevelopment community with more than 10,000 households, of which about 70% are tenants. Issues on public security and fire safety are prominent. Incidents such as theft of electric vehicles, burglary, and pyramid schemes occur from time to time.

Last year, Donghu New-Tech Development Area Branch of the Wuhan Public Security Bureau began the construction of the IoT in the community. Face recognition surveillance cameras, smart integrated terminals, and wireless transmission devices are installed at the entrance gate of the community, and become an "iron general" that can recognize people. The community police stated that the access control is connected with the population information data platform of public security department, so while tracking down the activities of key groups, it enables early warning of illegal crimes.

The IoT “Safe and Smart Community” built in Wuhan, in which the monitoring cameras, access control systems, household electricity meters, water pressure, the smoke detectors on each floor and other equipment have all been connected to the Internet of Things, is capable for real-time information collection. When any unusual household electricity consumption or number of access cards application is detected, the relevant personnel will receive the warning message. After the massive data is transferred to the public security information system, the police can take better control of any situations in community and conduct effective analysis and reaction.

With the deployment of high-tech, the crime rate in some old communities has greatly declined, and the public sense of security has increased. The Wuhan Municipal Public Security Department launched the “Safe and Smart Community” pilot project in the Green Kingyuan Community of Qingshan District in March this year, and has maintained the record of “zero crime” for half a year.

It is learned that while executing the renovation of 100 IoT “Safe and Smart Community” this year, Wuhan will also add 500,000 public safety cameras. Through the city’s “Tianyan” surveillance network and the Internet of Things in the community, the city aims to strengthen the security and crack down on crime.

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