Presentation of the 2020 Global Smart Solution draft report in COP25

Presentation of the 2020 Global Smart Solution draft report in COP25


After last year’s successful presentation of the Global Smart Solution Report in COP24, together with Taiwan Smart City Solution Association (TSSA) and Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI), International Climate Development Institute (ICDI) present the co-published draft of the 2020 Global Smart Solution Report during their side event this year in COP25. 


The ICDI Senior Project Specialist May Lin (林佳諺) announced this year new international partnerships with Citynet, World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization (WeGO) as well as Go Smart, who joined our cooperation with TSSA and ICLEI. Under this year topic Inclusive, Resilient and Smart Sustainable Cities, we have invited cities and local governments, together with our international partners, to submit and present their projects on the following categories, including resilient city, circular economy, low-emission development and inclusive and social innovation. By October 2019, we received 15 proposals from cities all over the world, which have been submitted to a group of experts for review. Taoyuan, Pingtung and New Taipei City are the three Taiwanese cities that have joined our initiative. Yet, we expect a second wave of submissions by the end of the year, which could increase the number of participants to 20 cases.


Emphasizing the key role of cities to localize SDGs, May Lin said the Global Smart Solution Report, which addresses SDGs 11,13 and 17, aims to create a sharing platform for cities to facilitate a collaborating network regarding shared challenges in urban sustainability. Therefore, municipalities with similar development challenges can communicate, share and replicate experiences while strengthening cooperation links between cities, businesses and NGOs. More concretely, during this year initiative, the private sector submitted 4 cases out of 15, highlighting the essential role that businesses play while engaging with local governments to develop smart solutions for sustainability.  After our key findings, our future research will focus on Public-Private Partnerships and the development of a database with urban solutions with our partners.


The successful publication of this report is because of joint efforts between TSSA, ICLEI KCC, ICDI, and other international partners for the past year. After the draft presentation in Madrid, the final version will be launched in the 2020 Smart City Summit & Expo in Taipei next March 25 during the Sustainable City Forum.