Smart Telemedical Maritime Assistance Service by Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital (KSVGH) Creates Real-Time Diagnosis

Taipei What can be done when sailors suffer from accidental injury or sudden disease afloat? A joint collaboration was established among China Ship Building Corporation (CSBC), China Steel Express Corporation (CSEC), Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) and KSVGH through launching the “Smart Telemedical Maritime Assistance Service Cooperation.” This is the debut of telemedical maritime assistance service (TMAS) in Taiwan.

Seeking medical treatment at sea is far more difficult than on land. If the patient suffering from accidental injury or sudden illness during the voyage doesn’t receive proper emergency medical service before being sent to the hospital, it will cause serious consequences. This cooperation is aimed at achieving the added value of health care services through telemedicine for sailors who work long time at sea.

KSVGH integrated the technologies in satellite, Internet and cloud storage to present the first domestic cutting-edge technology used in smart shipping, and smart TMAS for "maritime crew" emergency medical treatment field. The combination of real-time satellite transmission of physiological data, diagnosis service platform for  observation images, the crew‘s clinical information system, and the medical data from Personal Health Record assists in the evaluation and disposal for each patient. This smart TMAS will be provided without latency, allowing doctors to give real-time diagnosis promptly, along with cross-border and cross-regional online consultation without location constraints and delay.