Experiencing the Smart City Concept with Askey Experiment the Rollout of Cutting-edge Products and Solutions

With over 30 years of network communication equipment manufacturing experiences, Askey Computer Corp. has shipped products all over the world. In recent years, Askey actively participates in research and development of innovative products for smart home, smart city and smart vehicle. In the dawn 5G era, Askey will demonstrate its integration and innovation capabilities for a wide diversity of smart products and development projects.

At the 2020 Smart City Summit & Expo, Askey will bring noticeable innovation in network communication technologies, including the creation of 5G solutions, the newest WiFi 6 Router and Mesh technology (11ax WiFi Mesh Advanced), Small Cell that ensures high quality cellular communication. In the realm of IoV, integration of mobile technology and application of cloud computing will usher new usability in connected automotive recorders (Connected Car Cam) – an item already favored by the insurance and transportation companies. As for Smart City developing, With our LoopZone solutions, your city becomes smart, your vision for a better life becomes reality and you establish a real- time dialogue with your citizens and visions, people will feel at ease, happy and never lost or confused.

Askey not only provides hardware solutions, it also focuses on system integration to enhance and improve user experiences. It will continue to release highly integrated network communication solutions with high added value to assist government projects and global telecommunication service providers to create outstanding and comprehensive visions for digital life, and expand the ranges for citywide network communication services and smart traffic applications.