Quanta Donates Quanta Omni Cloud Care to NTUH

Aimed to showcase the innovative integration of technology and medical care and to expand into the smart medical domain, Quanta Computer Incorporate (QCI) donated a set of Quanta Omni Cloud Care (QOCA® AIM) to NTUH on July 9th. This AI medical cloud computing integration platform, tailored by Quanta Research Institute (QRI) for Taiwan's medical environment, is applied to genetic and artificial intelligence, genetic deep learning, medical image computing, medical record data coding and management. It is able to provide faster and more precise medical diagnosis, and alleviate the shortage of clinical manpower. Both parties will be jointly dedicated to the strategic cooperation of smart healthcare.

This platform integrates QRI's software, QCI's high-performance AI server and highly scalable big data storage equipment. It is also optimized for the AI research environment of NTUH. For the use of NTUH’s future AI precision medical and genetic clinical research, this computing power of QOCA® AIM is 8,000 times more powerful than today’s highest-end gaming laptops, with more than 1 Peta FLOPS AI computing capacity, and more than 8,000 Blu-ray disc memory size, which is equivalent to capability of storing more than 2 petabytes of data. At this stage, the main application types include medical imaging, genetic computing and genetic deep learning.

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