The Severe Competition of Electric Scooters Sharing in Taiwan

On 5th July, Gogoro announced that the 24-hour electric scooter sharing, service, GoShare, will begin in Taoyuan since August 2019. This is the latest electric scooter sharing service after the service of WeMo, iRent in Taipei and New Taipei City, and the ATR (Automated Transport Rental), jointly developed by KYMCO and Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation in June.

The business of electric scooter sharing grows rapidly in urban area. Though as the leading company of electric scooters sharing service in Taiwan, Gogoro had not initiated the sharing business in Taiwan but overseas including Berlin, Paris, Madrid, and Ishigaki Island of Japan until the announcement of 5th July. This GoShare service is expected to be launched in Taoyuan in August.

The sharing service is operated by GoShare, the subsidiary company of Gogoro, and will be using Gogoro 2 for the service. Furthermore, the app developed by GoShare will help users to check the condition of scooter, including smart navigation, one-button unlock, and the remaining battery. Users can rent and return the scooter with app easily. With the implementation of AI technology, facial recognition, and the Big Data on cloud, the registration process will only take 3 minutes.

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