2024 Smart City Summit & Expo and Net Zero City Expo Overview

On July 27, 2023, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres declared during a UN conference that the era of "Global Warming" has come to an end and we have entered the era of "Global Boiling."

The year 2023 will be remembered for global conflicts, inflation, economic recession, and worldwide boiling. This dark period poses significant challenges to businesses, but within this adversity lies various novel opportunities. Undertaking a simultaneous “Digital and Green Transformation” will be the path for businesses to navigate the crisis and seize opportunities.

How should you attend and visit Net Zero City Expo (Government Net Zero Initiatives and Achievements) & Smart City Summit & Expo (Various Solutions for Net Zero Emissions in Taipei and Kaohsiung)?

The current climate has entered the era of global boiling. Achieving the 2050 net-zero target is urgent, and governments worldwide should focus on net-zero goals, implementing various measures to reduce emissions. Only through global collaboration can humanity gradually overcome the climate crisis.

For you to see the promotion of global green transformation, the 2024 Smart City Summit & Expo at 4F of Nangang Exhibition Hall 2 will showcase the government's policies and initiatives for the 2050 net-zero emission plan. Taiwan's seven major ministries will present their net-zero policy visions, and there will be themed pavilions on net-zero city, green financial solutions from banks, net-zero achievements of state-owned enterprises or large corporations, and advanced net-zero technologies from research institutions. On 1F and in SCSE Kaohsiung will focus on various net-zero emission solutions, including smart transportation, smart buildings, smart manufacturing, smart healthcare, smart energy, smart education, smart agriculture, and smart governance.

Features of 2024 Smart City Summit & Expo and Net Zero City Expo

◼️ Over 2,500 overseas participants are expected, with more than 400 representing municipal governments and approximately 100 mayors or deputy mayors globally.

◼️ Overseas visitors include city leaders, municipal officials, telecom operators, system integrators, solution providers, and experts or association members from various fields such as healthcare, transportation, construction, energy, manufacturing, etc.

◼️ 4F of Nangang Exhibition Hall 2 in Taipei will mainly showcase government policies and initiatives for net-zero emissions, demonstrating the policies of all government ministries promoting national and industrial green transformation.

◼️ 1F of Nangang Exhibition Hall 2 in Taipei will focus on smart cities, smart transportation, smart buildings, smart disaster prevention, smart education, 5G network applications, and AI solutions applied in various industries.

◼️ Kaohsiung Exhibition Center will primarily showcase smart healthcare, smart cities, 5G network applications, and innovative solutions for city net-zero emissions.

Where to Find...

AI-related Exhibits

Most booths will feature displays related to AI applications, but the AI+ themed pavilion on 1F of Nangang Exhibition Hall 2 brings together solutions from over 10 companies. Additionally, a Taiwanese cloud service company with efficient computing infrastructure for AI offers deployment services for AI computing architectures worldwide, providing the high-speed computing power needed for global digital transformations.

5G Network Application Exhibits

The distinctive feature of 5G communication lies in its application to the Internet of Things (IoT). On 1F of Nangang Exhibition Hall 2 in the Ministry of Transportation's themed pavilion, around 7 exhibits showcase various 5G network applications in different transportation sectors. Moreover, in Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, you can witness 5G network applications in 7 different scenarios, including factories, enterprises, and emergency rescue.

Smart Healthcare Application Exhibits

Kaohsiung City Government has collaborated with 15 large hospitals and over 10 information technology companies to establish a large-scale smart healthcare technology themed pavilion. Here, you can see smart healthcare applications in hospitals, care centers, or home environments. Additionally, the Kaohsiung summit on "Smart Hospital Leadership Summit" will invite directors from Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare and 100 hospitals to discuss how smart technology can help hospitals achieve net-zero goals.

Smart Disaster Prevention Application Exhibits

The Taiwanese government utilizes technologies such as big data, IoT, and AI to integrate earthquake, water resources, air quality, and disaster prevention and relief information across Taiwan into one information service platform, promoting deeper digital governance. On 1F of Nangang Exhibition Hall 2, you can see the overall execution of this project. Information technology can provide people with a safe living environment, and this is an exhibit you should not miss!