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Pisek Bus Station Go Smart

Pisek Bus Station Go Smart

Name of Unit

Tatung Company



Name of Application Service

Pisek Bus Station Go Smart

Name of the Collaborative Group

ČSAD AUTOBUSY České Budějovice



Brief of the Application or Service

In this Pilot Project, Tatung will transform Písek bus station into a brand new green building with the following key features: solar power system, environment monitoring , and all the information will be acquired through LoRaWan and integrated in the cloud-hosted power management system. In case of successful implementation of this project, further expansion of this cooperation is envisaged.

Following are five smart application indicators:



Brief of Innovation Initial and Achievement

The data of environment monitoring and power consumption is displayed on the large screen in the lobby. This can be a good opportunity for Czech people to obtain the knowledge regarding renewable energy and smart management system, which is now a tendency.The Czech government is recently advocating green energy, energy conservation, and environmental protection. This project has indeed achieved this aim excellently. As a Taiwanese brand, Tatung is able to expose Taiwan's technology and products to international market, and build a link with local manufacturers. This can additionally improve customer perception of Taiwanese brand. Therefore, in the future, there will be more chances to reach more business opportunities overseas for Taiwanese companies.


Challenges and Solutions for the Application Deployment

Language barrier: The proportion of English user in Czech is less than 3%. As the result, Tatung designed an all-Czech interface in the bus station, for people to read the showing information easily.Time differences and long vacation: There is a 6 to 7 hours’ time difference between Czech and Taiwan. Moreover, most of the European companies will start a long vacation in July or August. To prevent the delay of communication and construction, the project team in Taiwan utilized remote data to monitor the site, and made decisions immediately when accident occurred.Cultural difference: Different cultures can cause frictions of communication and working habit between people from different countries. Patience is essential in the case. Careful listening and concentrated attitude can strengthen the cross-border relationship, in order to get opportunities for further cooperation.


Innovation Index

After surveys and assessments, Tatung imported five smart application indicators for this bus station, so that the bus stations could get renewable energy inexhaustibly. At the same time, the smart building concept, which is a new idea of energy conservation and environmental protection, can integrate into people's lives naturally.



Future Plan

For this bus station, there is going to having a second phase of “Smarter” in the end of this year. In addition, Tatung has obtained the opportunity of importing the same system into another railway station in Europe. At the same time, CSAD will introduce this intelligent system to more European bus stops. This is meaning that the system will be widely exposed in the field of transportation around Europe in the future.



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