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Electronic Gate (E-Gate) System for the Bureau of Immigration

Electronic Gate (E-Gate) System for the Bureau of Immigration

Name of Unit

MiTAC Information Technology Corp.



Name of Application Service

Electronic Gate (E-Gate) System for the Bureau of Immigration

Name of the Collaborative Group

Purchaser: Department of Budget and Management (DBM), Republic of the Philippines


User: Bureau of Immigration(BI), Republic of the Philippines


DBM: https://www.dbm.gov.ph/


BI: http://www.immigration.gov.ph/


Brief of the Application or Service

MiTAC Information Technology Corp. formed a joint venture with Ascent Solutions for the procurement “Electronic Gate(E-Gate)System -Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing and Commissioning”, and successfully exported Taiwan experience to the Philippines. E-Gate was designed with facial recognition, biometric scanning, bar code reading, and smart card recognition all rolled into one system, and connected with  database of immigration blacklist, watch list and hold departure list etc. to help  immigration officers to detect passengers with derogatory records. E-Gate relieves passengers queuing in manual counters as it would cut processing time of passengers from the present 45 seconds to just 8 to 15 seconds. Also it strengthens the border and aviation security in the region.



Brief of Innovation Initial and Achievement

A total 21 E-Gates were installed at four international airport in the Philippines:5 E-Gates for Terminal 1, 3 E-Gates for Terminal 2 and 5 E-Gates for Terminal 3 at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA); 3 E-Gates at Clark International Airport (CRK); 3 E-Gates at Mactan-Cebu International Airport (CEB); 2 E-Gates at Davao International Airport (DVO).


Challenges and Solutions for the Application Deployment

1.      Simulation Lab for the tight schedule

We set up a simulation lab at MiTAC headquarter in Taipei, arranging exactly the same machine and system with the ones in the Philippines where only two of Taiwanese engineers standing by. Whenever there were new needs or problems coming out in the Philippines, they could inform the simulation lab in Taipei where over 20 engineers could adjust and test the system on the same model of machine, and send out the revised version to Philippine site.

2.      The parameter design for efficiency

MiTAC R&D Team leverage parameter setting design to keep the System Resilience and efficiency, in case of the changing process. The change could be achieved in one day.


Innovation Index



Future Plan

1.       Currently E-Gates were initially installed at arrival formalities and soon will be installed at the departure area, as well as other airport in the Philippines.

2.       There are some business opportunities at airports of southeast Asian countries

3.       There are potential business opportunities at ports and path between two countries



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