2024 ICF Smart21 Conference: Smart Cities and Intelligent Communities

Presented at the Smart City Summit & Expo 2024, “Smart Cities and Intelligent Communities” will bring together the Intelligent Community Forum, its ICF Institute in Taiwan and the national ICF Taiwan organization for a day of learning, debate and knowledge sharing. It will be attended by local and national government officials, technology executives and delegations from the US, Canada, Europe and the Pacific Rim.


At the conference, ICF will name its Smart21 Communities, selected through analysis of data on hundreds of cities, counties and regions. The Smart21 announcement will take place during the Smart City Summit and Expo in Taipei, Taiwan, which will be attended by an economic development mission of ICF member communities, including delegates from technology companies, universities and public-private accelerators. Led by ICF co-founder John Jung and executive director Matt Owen, the delegation will attend a full day of Smart City and Intelligent Community conference sessions developed by ICF, the ICF Institute in Taiwan and ICF Taiwan. Delegates will also attend the announcement of ICF’s Smart21 Communities of 2024. Along the way, they will visit science parks, companies and universities in multiple Taiwanese cities, including Hsinchu, home to TSMC, the world’s leading operator of semiconductor fabs, and the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), one of the world’s leading research centers. With semiconductors becoming of increasing strategic importance, delegates will be exploring opportunities for investment, partnership and joint research.