Welcome International Digital Talents to Taiwan - The Employment Gold Card Offers Five Major Benefits to Attract Experts, and Provides Incentives for Coming to Taiwan

To recruit international digital talents and accelerate the progress of domestic, industrial, and social digital transformation, the Ministry of Digital Affairs (moda) formulated and promulgated the “Foreign Special Professionals with Specialized Knowledge/Skills in the Digital Field” on May 5, 2023. Furthermore, the Ministry announces the launch of incentives, the "International Digital Economy Talents Industry Exchanges and Taiwan Connection Program". These guidelines provide Employment Gold Card holders engaged in digital economy-related activities with incentives such as airfare and accommodation allowances to facilitate their contributions in the digital economy sector in Taiwan. The Ministry's aim is to attract a greater number of foreign digital talents to Taiwan and accelerate the digital transformation process within industries and society in Taiwan.

Employment Gold Card - The Most Convenient 4-in-1 Card with Five Key Benefits

A single Employment Gold Card offers a range of versatile functions, including a Work Permit, Resident Visa, Alien Resident Certificate, and Re-entry Permit. Cardholders are granted the privilege of long-term residency in Taiwan, allowing them to freely seek employment, switch jobs at their convenience, and legally take on part-time work. Additionally, it permits multiple entries and exits from Taiwan. With just one Employment Gold Card in hand, procedures are streamlined for time efficiency. Furthermore, holding the Employment Gold Card provides access to optimized tax benefits, eligibility for national health insurance, family reunion visas, and the possibility to apply for permanent residency.

Qualify for the "Employment Gold Card in The Digital Field " with Any of the Following Criteria

  1. Foreign individuals with at least eight years of relevant professional experience in digital economy-related industries or fields may qualify for recommendation by our country's overseas missions or central ministries, or by providing relevant supporting documentation. This documentation may include participation in internationally recognized professional platforms with project work, contributions to digital initiatives in the public or social innovation sectors, and the submission of verifiable records.
  2. Employed in a relevant field with a recent monthly salary of at least NT$160,000. 
  3. Graduated from a university ranked in the Top 500 worldwide and holding a doctoral degree from that institution.
  4. Those with expertise in the products or services required in the digital economy-related industries or fields, have obtained a doctoral degree in related fields at a domestic or foreign university, and have either receive domestic or foreign awards recognized by the Ministry of Digital Affairs, or have more than four years of work experience in related fields.


Apply Early for a Chance to Receive Extra Incentives!

From now until October 31, 2024, Gold Card holders visiting Taiwan for business purposes can enjoy a one-time bonus allocation for airfare, accommodation expenses, internet fees, and other related business expenses during their stay in Taiwan.

1. Definition of Digital Economy
The “digital economy” mentioned in these Guidelines refers to economic activities driven by digital industries, along with innovation activities of non-digital industries through digital technology (in accordance with the OECD [Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development] and British definitions of “digital economy”). Its fields and categories include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Application of Innovation Technology: Including artificial intelligence such as machine learning, deep learning, image recognition, and semantic analysis; data sciences such as data processing, data analysis, data visualization, and web scraping; smart networking such as Internet of Things (IoT), 5G communications, cloud computing, and communications technology
  2. Development of the Digital Economy: Including digital marketing, financial technology (FinTech), e-commerce, sharing economy, digital content (such as AR/VR, 3D design, UI/UX design, etc.), research and analysis of digital economy policies, and investment analysis for international markets.

2. Qualifications

Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements and fulfill all obligations to qualify. Additionally, each person may only apply once.

A. Eligibility:

Holders of the Employment Gold Card who are engaged in businesses related to the digital economy or employed in digital fields are given priority. 

B. Obligations:

Obligations include but are not limited to participating in activities related to the digital economy in Taiwan (including conducting business activities, attending exhibitions, forums, competitions, symposiums, strategy meetings, workshops, matchmaking and exchange events, etc.), and executing business fully connected to Taiwan’s digital economy industries such as:

  • Employed by the company registered in Taiwan.
  • Providing consultation services for companies registered in Taiwan in executing business.
  • Having business and technological cooperation with industries in Taiwan.
  • Establishing the business entity in Taiwanese startup companies and industrial parks.
  • Serving as an instructor for contests, workshops or as a contest judge.
  • Serving as a forum host, lecturer or speaker.
  • Participating in the Hackathon, Demo Pitch, and other contests or roadshows.
  • Participating as an exhibitor in exhibitions and meetings related to the digital economy and startups in Taiwan.

3. Application Process

Individual applications and proxy applications from Taiwan domestic units are accepted. The units eligible to submit proxy applications are limited to organizers in Taiwan conducting events related to the digital economy, and they can be industries, academic circles, research institutions, associations, alliances, industrial communities, etc.

Applicants, whether individuals or organizations, are required to submit their applications online and complete the application process before arriving in Taiwan. All applications must be submitted in advance. The applicant shall apply for the industry exchange at least 15 working days prior to their arrival in Taiwan. The applying unit shall apply for the industry exchange at least 30 working days before the event is held.

4. More Information:

In order to provide a more convenient and expedited application process, we kindly request that you include the following statement at the Reference section in the last page of the system's CV: "This application is made with the invitation and recommendation of the Taipei Computer Association (TCA)." This step will help prioritize your Gold Card application. Additionally, please ensure to select "Digital Field" from the dropdown menu on the application form to specify your area of expertise.



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