2022SCSE Concluded and Drew Attention to Digital Transformation of City Economy and Carbon Neutrality

The 2022 Smart City Summit and Expo (SCSE) is concluded on Mar. 26th. As the event organizer, Taipei Computer Association (TCA) presents SCSE in both Taipei and Kaohsiung as twin events for the first time, attracting 450 exhibitors, 1, 500 booths, and over 100 thousand visitors this year. With the global trend in pursuing carbon neutrality, the development of net-zero cities and sustainability becomes the spotlight of the year. Just as mentioned by Kung, Ming-Hsin, Minister of National Development Council in the opening ceremony, the “Net-Zero City” will be one of the pillars in governmental initiatives in near future, and thus he expects to see more showcases of the kind in future SCSE editions.


TCA points out that while the border control is being loosened worldwide, the organizer applies the first-ever “special bubble” program to invite 30 city leaders or representatives from across 10 countries to visit the event in person. Despite some twists that lead to the suspension of the visit due to three COVID-19 cases found in the delegation, the program still gains recognition from the industries. Meanwhile, TCA shows gratitude to National Development Council and Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their support, and Taipei City Government for their instruction and assistance in related pandemic prevention measures.


TCA further stated that the carbon neutrality of businesses and net-zero cities are the two hot topics in this year’s SCSE. While Minister Kung of National Development Council already highlights in the opening ceremony the importance of zero carbon emission in future cities, it is believed that the government will take active part to support and accelerate such initiatives and deployment. The 2022 SCSE@Kaohsiung also features the DX Day forums to engage local businesses to share their experience in digital transformation, leading the traditional industries in the south in face of new challenges in digitalization.


TCA concludes by thanking all participating city or county governments as well as all exhibitors who contribute to the success of this year’s SCSE. In 2023, SCSE will be held from Mar. 28th to 31st, and everyone is welcome to join again.