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The product boasts three major advantages for taxi fleet, enabling the control center to grasp real-time the whereabouts of the vehicles and utilize big-data in decision for vehicle dispatch, in terms of time and area; monitoring and managing status of battery usage; and using mobile phones to lock and track vehicles, in prevention of burglary.
ioNetworks INC. founded in 2014 is a professional video solutions provider focusing on high end projects, large scale bids and cloud video services with local telecom companies over APAC and EMEA.
Successful cases of MiTAC Open Payment System for Rail Ticketing in Taiwan include Taipei MRT and High Speed Rail. In recent years, we also expanded our sales to Fuzhou Metro in China and Airport Express in Hong Kong.
Philippines is a multi-island country, the electric power system is composed of three main power grids: Luzon power grid, Visayas power grid and Mindanao power grid.
Glory-Tek provides the integration services solution of these MRT subsystems mentioned above, interface integration and the related equipment procurement and supply needed later.
Claridy Solutions started from IoT concept and combined three core values which are 1. Integrated library system (ILS), 2. E-resource and 3. RFID Self-check service solution. This new concept was "Intelligent Library System". Clarid Insert Module y provided Total Solution for Intelligent Library (Software + Hardware) and insight into customer needs.
The establishment of the Ministry of Environment and Water (MOEW) came in the context of the commitment of the United Arab Emirates to developing sustainable environment and the nation’s vision.
Tokai Communications Corporation Inc. (known as Vic Tokai Corporation until 2011) is a telecommunications company in Japan providing DSL services as well as network solutions.
The National Immigration Agency (NIA) of the Ministry of the Interior offers a selfservice“Automatic Immigration Clearance System” (eGate)that combines biometric technology with computer automation to speed travelers through immigration process with greater ease and efficiency than ever.
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