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The URDA cloud sharing electric motorcycle leasing system is a business service model.
The electronic disaster information,The combination of automatic navigation system and Google Street View,To support decision of disaster rescue action
 As the air pollution problem in many countries is getting worse, air pollution issue has become increasingly important. People want to know the specific data concerning air quality in daily life in order to have preventive action in advance, and even to control or improve the environment we live in. That is the reason which pushes us to develop our “Air Box”-- a PM2.5 detection device designed for the smart city to provide real-time monitoring of air quality.
This system uses mobile device apps, Near Field Communications (NFC), QR Code, and Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies to strengthen management and simplify the operating processes.
DWRT developed the Water Resources Information System and set up the Water Resources Information Center in 2015.
BIM4.0 system is applied for building permit with 3D BIM model on new public buildings of New Taipei City Government. It also provides e-submission and e-plan checking on the website.
Chunghwa Telecom has implemented the 4G Broadband Smart City Subsidy Program of the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs since March 2015;
AnaSystem smart water level sensor integrates FineTek RF transmitter, 3G/4G/LoRaWAN communication, solar cell and Cloud software with NTUT flood inundation simulation model to provide a real-time urban flood early warning system.
Creating Taiwan’s first successful collaboration between industry and academia
Due to high travel intensity between Kaohsiung and Pingtung the highway and bridges across Gaoping River, which separates the two areas, play an important role in the transportation infrastructure of the South Taiwan region.
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