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Well the Smart City summit has long had at its forefront an aim and vision of building an international platform for exchange and partnership for business experts
Quezon City is the largest city in the National Capital Region. We’re almost 1/3 of the NCR. We have a population of 2.93 million.
The rest of the world stopped referring to Latin America as “the Third-World” and you give us the new name of “emerging economy.”
That we have the ability to do all of the transportation bits, to do all of the rural bits, makes us understand that we have to “smart-ify” everything that we are doing right now.
We must learn from them and take in their ideas. It is our job as policymakers, as politicians, to continue to engage with the public.
Let me say that the limit is in our mindset. It’s in our organizations. The point is that we need a system that is much better interconnected. We need better communication between the different layers.

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