Wednesday, 02 May 2018 10:15

Real-site Demo Tours in 2018 Smart City Summit & Expo

Over 300 oversea city leaders and representatives from 33 countries visited smart city sites in Taipei during 2018 Smart City Summit & Expo. For instance, Taipei Main Station, Taipei City Traffic Information Center, and Taipei City Road & Pipeline Information Center are the sites for ‘Smart Transportation’, at which the staff presented the navigation APP of Taipei Main Station, real-time traffic information, and 3D pipeline information. Jiankang Public Housing is the site for ‘Smart Public Housing’. In terms of ‘Smart Healthcare’, visitors were allowed to visit MacKay Memorial Hospital and National Taiwan University Hospital with the guidance by hospital staff. The visitors to NanGang Elementary School for ‘Smart Education’ were impressed by its strategies in developing smart schools.

As for ‘Smart Innovation’, Taipei Co-Space in Taipei Expo Park and Taipei Smart City PMO, and Center for Innovation Taipei in Neihu were open to visitors to discover the shared office for Taiwan startups as well as the mechanism and POC (Proof of Concept) cases of public–private partnership. Hydraulic Engineering Office displayed its application for ‘Smart Eco Community’. CCTV Surveillance Center, Taipei City Fire Department, and Taipei City Emergency Operations Center, under the theme of ‘Smart Security’, introduced the Video Call 119 APP, which allows rescue team to communicate in real-time and the mechanism of disaster prevention.

The oversea guests from Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Turkey, Malaysia, the US, France, and so on were impressed by the 13 Real-site Demo Tours arranged by Taipei City Government, and surprised by the ICT development and innovative power of Taiwan industry. Mirovský Ondřej, the Deputy Mayor of Prague, stated that he was amazed by the combination of ICT technology and emergency management which helps rescue team to reach the disaster area immediately in Taiwan. ‘Emergency management is a common problem in every city. The experience in Taiwan may be a model for Prague in the future’, he said.

The role of industry is indispensable in smart city development. Among many of the sites, MiTAC Information Technology Corp, Tatung Corporation Ltd, and Advantech presented their latest ICT products and solutions. Furthermore, the guests visited National Palace Museum and Songshan Cultural and Creative Park to explore the culture of Taiwan. With both technological and cultural features, the real-site demo tours, concluded the Smart City Summit & Expo successfully.


Delegations from Dominican, Philippines, Japan, Cyprus, Greece, New Zeland at Center of Innovation Taipei


Delegations from US, Poland, Malaysia, Turkey, Slovakia, Czech, Korea, Agentina, Ecuador at ELITEGROUP


Delegations from Malaysia, Turkey, Slovakia, Czech, Korea, Agentina, Ecuador at Advantech


Delegations from US, Poland, Malaysia, Turkey, Slovakia, Czech at Taipei City Disaster Prevention and Rescue system


Delegations from US, Poland, Malaysia, Turkey, Slovakia, Czech at Taipei City Fire Department ─ Disaster & Rescue Division


Delegations from Australia and Mongolia at National Taiwan University Hospital


Delegations from Philippines, Japan, Hungary, Greece, France, New Zeland, Vietnam at MacKay Memorial Hospital


Delegations from Indonesia at Nangang Elementary School


Delegations from Mongolia at Taipei City Road & Pipeline Information Center 



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