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2018 Smart City Summit & Expo: Taipei & Amsterdam Smart City Workshop

When Taipei meets Amsterdam, what kind of chemistry will come out? The Department of Information Technology of Taipei City Government and the Taipei Smart City Project Management Office (TPMO) held the "Taipei x Amsterdam Innovation Exchange Workshop" on March 29th and April 2nd respectively during the 2018 Smart City Summit & Expo. Senior lecturers from Amsterdam were invited to lead the Taipei City Departments such as the Public Work Department, the Transportation Department, the Health Department, and other representatives to work together on brainstorming to identify urban issues and solve problems with innovative solutions.

Mayor Wen-Je Ko has visited the old and new downtowns, canal districts, bicycle lanes and sites with smart city applications in Amsterdam in January this year (2018) and was impressed by the city's achievements in promoting smart cities. Therefore, in order to have a closer look at Amsterdam’s smart city projects, Taipei City Government partnered with the Amsterdam Innovation Exchange Lab (AMSiXL) and invited senior lecturers Paul Manwaring, Tom van Arman and Juan-Carlos Goilo to Taiwan for the "Taipei City x Amsterdam Innovation Exchange Workshop."

At the workshop on March 29, 20 participants were divided into 4 groups to conduct flipping thinking, exploring urban issues together and creating innovative solutions. The four groups discussed housing, transportation and low-income issues, and came up with different solutions. For example, the idea of a telework system relieves the need for commuting, which is one of the causes of traffic problems to office workers. Participants were led to think outside the box, in order to propose innovative solutions.

The workshop on April 2 was an advanced edition. After several months of discussion and planning, the TPMO and AMSiXL decided to focus this workshop on the application of AI technology. Targeting on the feasibility of applying the AI technology to public facilities in Taipei, the Workshop involved the relevant departments and AI startups, who were expected to formulate a cross-city PoC (Proof of Concept) project that was jointly created and exchanged with Amsterdam. A total of 28 representatives from Departments of Taipei City Government, industry and Amsterdam introduced AI applications to each other, and went through group discussions under three themes: housing, transportation and security, in hope for identifying respective AI technology solutions. Take security for example, both Amsterdam and Taipei have problems with crowd flow issues. In the future, they will seek to test a joint solution together to solve this problem.

The TPMO was set up by the Department of Information Technology since 2016, as a bridge between the city government and private sectors. More than 130 PoC projects have been promoted in a public-private partnership model. The cooperation with Amsterdam in the Netherlands will be conducive to the future bilateral Inter-City PoC Project!









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