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2018 System Integration Award ─ Smart E-Trike

Name of Replicated Application or System Service

Smart E-Trike

Company Name

TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd.

Brief Introduction of Buyer

Founded in 1956 as a dedicated producer of industrial motors, TECO has diversified, in parallel with Taiwan's economic miracle, to heavy electric equipment, home appliances, information technology, communications, electronics, key components and parts, civil engineering, property management, logistics, and dining and services. As a global conglomerate, The business scope of TECO, now spans nearly 50 countries in five continents, with over 100 affiliates.

Eyeing the seven member nations of ASEAN(the Association of Southeast Asian Nations),TECO has started mass production of electric vehicle in Philippines, that electric vehicle plant, consisting of assembly production lines and auto testing facilities.

Collaborative Partner(s)

Jarey Mobile Technology Co., Ltd.

Brief Introduction of Application

The product boasts three major advantages for taxi fleet, enabling the control center to grasp real-time the whereabouts of the vehicles and utilize big-data in decision for vehicle dispatch, in terms of time and area; monitoring and managing status of battery usage; and using mobile phones to lock and track vehicles, in prevention of burglary.

Abroad Field Trial

TECO built assemble plant in Subic Freeport Zone to locally assemble E-trike from CKD part importation in 2016, the five seater electric tricycle not only is pure electric vehicle with zero emission, but also can save up to 13% of power consumption cost for drivers. Moreover, the vehicle is meant to replace existing sidecars in Philippines, which number 3.5 million now, including 200,000 in metropolitan Manila, causing serious air and noise pollution, as well as energy waste. In 2017, "REV taxi fleet" in Cauayan City, Isabela of the Philippines, has incorporated some of the electric rickshaw into its fleet for operation on a trial basis.


The Smart E-trike with fleet control system of TECO, some challenges that had overcome. In some areas of the Philippines, the configuration of cell station and the instability of GPS signal will result in the loss of vehicle location, mileage calculation and anti-theft function. Therefore, TECO design the best layout of the antenna type and configuration, so that the products are safe, beautiful and functional. Meanwhile, TECO has new design to prevent unexpected failure for artificial operation and mistake of the systems, even if it enters the area without network signal or power is removed, that still have anti-theft lock car and satellite positioning function.

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