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Advantech Expands Its Europe Service Center

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Advantech Corp. said on January 25, 2018 that it has opened its newly expanded Europe Service Center. Advantech’s Europe Service Center in Eindhoven in the Netherlands does not only introduce a variety of IoT applications, but also become an Advantech demonstration site of Industry 4.0 in Europe.

Chaney Ho, Advantech's executive director and general manager of Europe region, said that Advantech Europe will enter its 25th year in 2018 and has already set up 14 offices with more than 400 local employees in 10 European countries. In order to further expand its European regional market, and achieve the income growth target of 350 million euros in in 2025, not only did it launch new offices in Sweden and Barcelona last year, but will also actively carry out its local functions such as public relations and human resources to strengthen interaction and cooperation with local industries, officials, academics and research institutes.

From the building automation, smart meeting rooms, smart reception, temperature and lighting control, environmental energy monitor and control, to services like intelligent monitoring and management system “iSurveillance” and smart ordering system “iLunch” for employees and guests of the company, Advantech Europe Service Center will apply the latest IoT technology for all.

In the assembly line, the intelligent producing system “iCTOS MES” will be fully integrated, which simplifies the line of operations from pre-configuration, assembly, integration and quality control. Moreover, through the establishment of Industry 4.0 situation room, all VIP guests are able to experience Advantech’s real-time on-site monitoring, which is able to accelerate the improvement cycle and provide more flexibility in supporting production to meet the ever-changing needs.


Advantech Europe Service Center doubled the space of its original size and enhanced nearly three times the production capacity of Configure To Order Services (CTOS). The expanded Europe Service Center will serve as Advantech Europe headquarter and will consecutively recruit more European employees and logistics staff.

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