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CALL FOR CITY SOLUTIONS, SCSE Series Publication, Global Smart Solution Report 2018 City Challenges and Innovations

SCSE Series Publication
Global Smart Solution Report 2018
City Challenges and Innovations


Building on the momentum of Taipei Smart City Summit & Expo 2018 (SCSE),a publication initiative— “2018 Global Smart Solution Report: City Challenges and Innovationsis co-launched by the Taipei Computer Association (TCA),the International Climate Development Institute (ICDI) and the ICLEI Kaohsiung Capacity Center (ICLEI KCC) to showcase selected smart city achievements around the world.

Aiming to mark and make transferable the exemplary practices during this grand event, together we sincerely invite your city to share your smart solutions by contributing the Solution Description to us by Feb 28, 2018.


The selected cases will be openly acknowledged and honored in the SCSE. Upon funding availability, the selected cities are to be offered invitation to present their inspiring experiences and smart city leadership on the SCSE’s Mayor’s Summit or series forums in 2018 or the year after.

And the final publication will be presented at the side event during COP24, in which cities could demonstrate their smart solutions to parties and non-party stakeholders of UNFCCC. 


Focus of SMART City Solutions

Cities have diverse interpretations on “smartness”, but its implication to sustainability is widely acknowledged. In recognition to the concept,

we call for smart solutions on the following topics:

Resilient cities and adaptation to climate change; low-carbon city and carbon reduction; energy efficiency and renewable energy; public-private partnership; public awareness and participation; circular economy.


Selection Process and Criteria

Cities are required to fill out the application forms and submit via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with download links to any supporting documents or media files attached by Feb 28, 2018.

The documents sent by cities will be reviewed and given comments on a rolling basis by a global panel composed of experts from various fields.

Please note that there will be no ranking in the report but inspiring examples of urban solutions. Cities may refer to the following criteria as filling out the application forms:

  1. The Global Smart Solution Report is meant to provide global experiences about how cities manage to address their urban challenges and promote local development with smart solutions.
  2. The solutions adopted and the objectives cities endeavor to achieve should be sustainable and inclusive, aiming to build urban resilience.
  3. The solutions or projects are recent (undertaken in the past 3 years) or to be implemented within 2018

Download Links :   Call for Global Smart Solutions Invitation   Call for Global Smart Solutions Application



May Lin


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International Climate Development Institute (ICDI)

International Climate Development Institute (ICDI) is a non-profit organization which concerns the right of development under climate change impacts.

By providing its professional knowledge and skills on climate governance, this think tank engages in planning and implementing of national climate policy with the PPP approach; supporting local communities and vulnerable groups on capacity building to achieve climate-resilient and sustainable lives.

ICLEI Kaohsiung Capacity Center (KCC)

ICLEI Kaohsiung Capacity Center provides training, professional expertise and information exchanges for the sustainable development of ICLEI members as well as other cities in Taiwan and in East Asia.

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