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Renewable Energy to Account for 20% of Taiwan’s Electricity by 2025



Taiwan's Executive Yuan approved the amended draft of the Renewable Energy Development Act on January 11, 2018. With the goal of establishing non-nuclear homeland in 2025, the share of renewable energy should reach 20% of the total energy production, namely 27GW according to the legislation; Heavy consumers of electricity should store a certain percentage of renewable energy for themselves. The draft has been sent to the Legislative Yuan for review.

Ming-Hsin Kung, the vice minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), states at the press conference after the Executive Yuan meeting that the 27GW of renewables includes 20GW of solar energy; 5.5GW of offshore wind power, and the rest goes to hydropower and biomass power.

According to Mr. Kung, it is stipulated in the draft that heavy electricity users should store a certain percentage of green electricity or purchase renewable energy certificates, and those who fail to comply with the regulations should pay the deposit. As for the proportion of green electricity and the standard credits of renewable energy certificates, MOEA will discuss with the local governments to set the minimum standard applicable nationwide. Chuan-Neng Lin, the director general of Energy Bureau, added that according to the current plan, heavy electricity users refers to consumers whose contract capacity reaches 800 kW.

In order to encourage the production of small scale hydropower, the focal point of draft amendments also includes extending the definition of renewables to cover the hydropower systems with a capacity of less than 20MW generated by activating waterway and water conservancy facilities. For the sake of efficiency and convenience, applications for renewable energy generator of a capacity of less than 2MW can be proceeded via local governments.

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