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Chiayi City Dedicates to Eliminating Two-Stroke Scooters



Chaiyi City hit an outstanding record on improving air quality. On 3rd of this month, Minister of Environmental Protection Administration (EPA), Ying-Yuan Lee, together with Chiayi City Mayor, Shiing-Jer Twu, hosted a joint press conference. Minister Lee particularly complimented on the efforts Chiayi City put on eliminating and improving air pollution, which include strategies such as extra subsidies, information transparency, strict regulations, strategic alliances, citizen participation, and reducing emission. Chiayi claimed the 1st in the nation to achieve 2017 national two-stroke scooters elimination goals with a performance rate as high as 141.1%.


“There are no factories and industrial parks in Chiayi, but air quality here used to be the worst in Taiwan. The first commission I established after my inauguration was the air pollution prevention.” Mayor Twu said. “According to studies, Chiayi City has relatively weak public transportation system, so residents commute mainly on their cars and scooters. At the same time, the range of Alishan blocks the back of Chiayi City, which interrupts the route of seasonal wind in winter, and causes pollutants to be accumulated in the city. Therefore, I invited experts and scholars to propose 144 protection measures against air pollution in the past 3 years.”


Environmental Protection Bureau of Chiayi City added that there were 32,429 two-stroke scooters in Chiayi City by the end of 2016. Through extra subsidies and the cooperation with scooter shops and check station operators, along with the support from citizens, until the end of November in 2017, 14,856 of them have been eliminated, which accomplishes the mission from EPA with an elimination rate of 141.1%,  making it the top one nationwide. Moreover, the City Hall has announced new bus routes, with the newly purchased 11+ electric buses. It is expected to help forming a low pollution environment with efficient carbon reduction and environmental protection.




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