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National Chiao Tung University Implements IoT Solutions to Monitor Real-Time Air Quality on Campus



Edimax collaborated with National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) on constructing the AirBox air quality real-time monitoring system. The launching ceremony was held on November 29th. President of NCTU, Dr. Mau-Chung Frank Chang, and Chairman of Edimax, Mr. Guan-Sheng Renn, both attended the launching press conference of “NCTU Air Quality Real-Time Monitoring System and Design Space”.


President, Dr. Chang, stated that NCTU is actively promoting itself as the first Smart Campus in Asia-Pacific, hoping to apply the most innovative technologies from research institutes in NCTU, together with creative implementations on IoT applications, Big Data, A.I., and VR, to provide smart life for the 15,000 students and staff on campus. The system for monitoring air quality launched today is one of the models of IoT and Big Data application, he said.


Chairman Renn said that Edimax has installed more than 3,600 AirBox air quality monitoring stations, which form the biggest IoT platform worldwide, and the number is still growing.


“With more than 30 years’ experience on technology and ICT industry, it is an honor for Edimax to collaborate with NCTU to breed technology talents in Taiwan.” he added.


The jointly constructed NCTU air quality real-time monitoring system includes 21 air quality monitoring stations across 5 campuses of NCTU, the large video wall to display real-time air quality, the display system for indoor air quality, the research laboratory for Design Space, and the platform for networking and experience exchange on IoT technology and operation.


Through this collaborative program, both sides worked together on installing 21 AirBox air quality monitoring stations in Guangfu, Boai, Taipei, Tainan, and Liujia Campus of NCTU, providing research environment for real-time air quality. All the data monitored can be saved in the cloud Big Data base, and can also be transmitted immediately to mobile apps and the AirBox air quality video wall. With the change of LED signals on air quality displays on each campus, they show the real-time status of air pollution at a glance.




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