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Thursday, 31 August 2017 11:12

2017 Smart City Taipei Declaration ─ Director of Tourism Department, Manila, Philippine, Flordeliza Villasenos

Well the Smart City summit has long had at its forefront an aim and vision of building an international platform for exchange and partnership for business experts, community leaders, etc. And, how, through the use of technology, countries become closer to one another every year.

Under the current trend of globalization, we can use this summit as an aid to realize the dream that countries all over the world share: to be connected with each other. Distance would no longer be a factor in trying to connect with other parts of the world.

We are working on making the city of Manila to become a city defined as “smart,” when it comes to investments in human and social capital, traditional and modern methods of communication, infrastructure, sustainable economic development, a high quality of life, and the wise management and natural resources. I read once that a “smart city” is “a developed urban area that creates sustainable economic development and a high quality of life by excelling in multiple areas: economy, mobility, environment, people, living, and government.” Excelling in these areas can be done through strong human capital, social capital, or ICT infrastructure.

We gladly welcome you all to observe and assess how we in the city government have been making tireless efforts towards making our city a truly “smart city.” That is to say, a city that uses technology to meet the needs of the citizens, improving their quality of life and creating real economic opportunities.

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