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48 parallel conference sessions, bringing together over 200 global leaders and experts and facilitating in-depth discussion.

50 parallel conference sessions, bringing together over 250 global leaders and experts and facilitating in-depth discussion.

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As the international hub of ICT and IoT solutions, Taiwan gathers thousands of excellent suppliers, giving you the best choices for partnership.

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With more than 25,000 professional visitors and more than 250 exhibitors, SCSE is surely your place for smart city and IoT business.


2018 SCSE — Building Smart Cities on the IoT


Smart City Summit & Expo, established in 2014, is not only the platform Taiwan ICT industry to present their smart city solutions, but also the biggest IoT application exhibition in Asia. City leaders from all over the world are gathered in Taipei to exchange their experience in smart city development, learning a diversity of innovative applications and solutions, and thus escalating the growth of smart cities worldwide through communications among suppliers and buyers. ‘Building Smart Cities on the IoT’ has been the theme of Smart City Summit & Expo. With the comprehensive IoT network, the city leaders can make smart decisions based on the Big Data collected from cities and citizens.

In the 5th edition in 2018, the highlights are as follows:

  • 1. Mayors’ Summit
  • In 2017, 54 city leaders from 29 countries join this session, which includes 22 oversea mayors. In 2018, more than 100 worldwide city leaders are expected to participate in the Mayors’ Summit.

  • 2. Pre-Launch of GO Smart (Global Organization of Smart Cities)
  • GO Smart, founded by Taipei City Government, is a network of smart cities, in which member cities will share their experience and open up city as a living lab.

  • 3. Smart City Forums
  • This year, there will be 50+ professional forums in the Smart City Summit & Expo (48 half-day tracks in 2017), with a wide range of topics covering Transportation, Healthcare, Education, Building, New Energy, and Agriculture.

  • 4. Exhibition
  • Over 1,000+ booths (900 in 2017) will present diverse smart city solutions in SCSE. Moreover, the displays will include exhibition from the UK, Italy, France, Denmark, Japan, Russia, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, and etc.

  • 5. 2018 World Telecom Smart City Conference
  • 30+ telecom operators and 20+ System Integrator are expected to join the Conference under the topics of Internet of Vehicles (IoV) and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

  • 6. Sustainable City Forum
  • Jointly organized by Taipei Computer Association (TCA) and Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI), Sustainable City Forum will gather worldwide member cities to discuss Circular Economy, Green Finance, and Smart Energy.

Furthermore, 3 professional sub-expos will be held concurrently in 2018.

  • 1. Smart Healthcare Expo (SHE Taipei)
  • SHE Taipei is jointly organized by TCA and Joint Commission of Taiwan, and advised by Ministry of Health and Welfare. The highlights of SHE Taipei include Hospital Superintendents Conference, Healthcare Interactive Pavilion, Declaration on International Cooperation in Smart Hospital, and Smart Hospital Summit. 60+ healthcare experts from Taiwan and abroad will participate in this SHE Taipei.

  • 2. FuturE2D Expo
  • Jointly organized by TCA and Institute for Information Industry (III), FuturE2D Expo presents different situations and solutions in Smart Education. 50+ oversea principals, specialists, and officials are expected to join its International Forum.

  • 3. Intelligent Building Expo (IBE Taipei)
  • Jointly organized by TCA and Taiwan Intelligent Building Association (TIBA), IBE Taipei will invite Asia Pacific Intelligent Green Building Alliance (APIGBA) members to its international forums, and industry experts will exhibit their latest applications in the event.

Competitions & Award

  • Innovative Application Award
  • System Integration Award
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Building Smart Cities on the IoT


Taipei Computer Association;

Taipei City Government;

Taiwan Smart City Solution Alliance


Tatung Co.

Chunghwa Telecom

Technology Research Institute

EcoLand Corporation

Department of Information and Tourism,Taipei City Government.

Date & Venue

March 27th (Tue.) to March 30th (Fri.) 2018

March 27th 9:30-18:00; March 28th-30th 10:00-18:00

Nangang Exhibition Hall

(No.1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taipei City 11568, Taiwan)


National Sustainable Development Network of Executive Yuan

National Development Council

National Communications Commission, NCC

Board of Science and Technology of Executive Yuan

Ministry of Economic Affairs

Ministry of Health and Welfare

Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs

The Bureau of Foreign Trade of Ministry of Economic Affairs

Department of International Cooperation of Ministry of Economic Affairs




2018 SCSE is Expected to bring together

59+ Forums
48+ Countries
100+ Cities






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